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Quick rate overview:
Wefon Callthrough


Call without registering at standardized prices

Callthrough - call various countries worldwide from any connection without registration and at standardized prices.

The number 0180 500 88 55 costs 14 cents/min.* uniformly.

*from the German landlines. Prices for mobile phones may vary.


The Callthrough rate works with the Deutsche Telekom AG network, all mobile telephone networks as well as networks from local area carriers (LEC).

In the rate overview you can find out if it is possible to call the desired country.

Prices for the connection to mobile phone networks may vary.

This is how it works

1. Step: Dial 0180 500 88 55*.
2. Step: Wait for the message and follow the instructions.

*Landline price 14 ct/min, mobile telephone price 42 ct/min


Still have questions?

You can find most of the answers to your questions at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you can't find the answer, write us at: info@wefon.de
or call us at: 02131 - 31 36 555

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